We received many emails and inbox messages requesting to do online teaching, sermons and seminars. Some even asked why is there a long pause during this pandemic season. 
The Gospel is not good news to people who do not hear it nor practise them, and an unpreached gospel is no Gospel at all.
All these years it was our turn to preach, share sermons, guide the believers out there. This pandemic should be a season where you have to put everything that you have learnt into faith and practise rather than depending completely on online sermons. Or else there wont be much growth in the spiritiual life.
Fear is the darkroom in which people develop their negatives. But faith is the victory that overcomes the world.
Learn how to be independent in times of trouble, for there will come a day where you will not have any resources for free gospels.
Only your own faith will keep you running.
The GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT are not medals of honour but POWER TOOLS to do the tasks God has called you to do.
Power! That is the essence of the gospel. A powerless gospel preacher is like an empty vessel that makes only many noises.
Singing ‘There is power, power, wonder-working power in the precious blood of the Lamb,’ and then having to fast and pray for a month to get power does not add up. Appropriate the power of the Gospel by faith
Put them into practice ❤️
Dr Samuel